Brendan’s running club was founded in 2012 as an alternative to the competitive nature of some clubs. To give people the chance to train with an experienced fitness professional and runner.
Every run you have with Brendan’s running club I am there guiding and helping you
The success of the club is down to our friendly and non-competitive attitude, and our ability to treat everyone as an individual with no comparisons.
We have classes to suit all levels of runner and a flexible timetable to accommodate as many people as possible. We have brought so many runners from couch to 5km, to 10km and lots have achieved their first half marathon with us.
We have a marathon program aimed at the Dublin City Marathon, which as seen 31 runners complete the marathon under our guidance over the last three years.We offer personal training at very competitive rates.We are the perfect solution for those who want to run in a group for fun, for health, for life, to improve without pressure. You set your goals and we will get you there!!!! We make this club about its members and their needs .We take the pressure off, it’s about running, it’s about life, it’s about fun, it’s about meeting new people and forming new friendships. It’s not about competition and you are not against a clock!!!!

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